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Our Brands

Airheads Consumer Image

The World Needs More Airheads

Airheads candy has been a favorite among kids and adults alike since its start in 1986. With a variety of intense fruity flavors and soft chew, Airheads is a taffy unlike any other. Airheads come in a variety of sizes including regular, mini and big bars and now come in bite size pieces!

Airheads Product Image

"Can we come to an agreement that Airheads Candy is the best candy? It's only right." -Steven O.

Mentos Consumer Image

Mentos... Roll With It

Wildly popular with teens and young adults around the world, Mentos image is a lot younger than you'd expect for a 60-year-old brand. Mentos "The Freshmaker" has attracted a loyal following with its unique chewy texture. Young adults identify with the fresh, hip attitude that is portrayed through Mentos advertising.

Mentos Product Image

"Working in retail and consistently talking to people, I owe my life to Mentos." -Kenzie C.

Airheads Xtremes Consumer Image

Sweetly Sour

Airheads Xtremes deliver the perfect combination of sweet fruit flavor and sour kick. The unique multi-colored Xtremes belts come in three bold flavors to help cure all sour and sweet cravings.
New Airheads Xtremes Bites are just like the belts, they are the perfect balance of sweet and sour, but now in bite sized Rainbow Berry pieces that are perfect for sharing.

Airheads Xtremes Product Image

"I just hate it when I get done with a pack of Xtremes. It makes me want more!" - Stephanie K.

Mentos Gum Consumer Image

Mentos Gum … the freshness only Mentos can deliver in gum products consumers love!

Mentos Gum is the quick pick-me-up during the day.  Enjoyed by upbeat and engaging people of all ages, only Mentos Gum has the satisfying combination of chewy and crunchy that keeps spirits fresh!


Mentos Gum Product Image

"This stuff is excellent. The gum starts soft and stays soft (great if your jaw is sensitive). It has a powerful hit of peppermint at the start and is very good for immediate fresh breath." -Ian I.

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