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Sweet Opportunities

You may not have heard of Perfetti Van Melle USA Inc before, but you know our brands - Airheads®, Airheads Xtremes®, Mentos Mints®, Mentos Rolls®, Mentos Gum®.


Our group is a global leader in the confectionary business and is the third largest candy and gum manufacturer in the world. Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc sees opportunity to build upon that success and to grow our current marketplace penetration with heightened emphasis on leadership development, innovation and a consumer centric culture.


If you share our passion for product innovation, new product development, and providing the consumer with the experience and value they associate with our brands, then consider a career at Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc. Click the career opportunities link below to apply for an open position within Perfetti Van Melle USA.

Career Opportunities:


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